Time Management

Hey everyone,

I would like to share my current experience with managing time and setting yourself tasks. I think many people have difficulty with this at some point and eventually it becomes easier as one gets older.

Before the start of this year, I would usually only think about one project, and then I would end up spending the whole day on it. More times than not, I wouldn’t get that much done. I do push myself sometimes to get things done, but only when I have to (when there are a couple days before a deadline). Only since the start of this year, I have discovered a new way of approaching things, and it involves doing things in chunks.

Many people have already heard of this, but I never really knew about it until I starting doing it. Now I lean towards working in one hour chunks, and I have found that there have been times when I have got more done in the hour than I ever could have done before working all day.

So this leads me to believe the quality you spend within a certain timeframe, is what’s important. I think I used to see things as,

“right, got this project, lets spend the whole day doing it becuase then we have more time”

you get my drift?

However now I have come to another discovery. What I have been doing recently is, because of the one hour timeframe, I have been doing more and more projects, which is good….but the only thing is, I tend to loose priority and it tends to shift because I’m thinking of so many different things. I end up doing less than I intended.

So now as I write this post, I have come to a review of sorts of how to solve this.

The most important thing in terms of work is University, it is challenging me in all areas of my development as an electronic music composer and I should remember to prioritise this.

I will then leave space for just one side project. (currently: Oranges and Lemons Audiobook) Although I am taking on less I feel this plan is better, as I get to spend more time with the stuff I am focusing on. Like my good friend Dan said, this is the key to my success, when I focus…..I can really do the job well!

I feel I am improving with this aspect and slowly learning how to approach things and give them the right amount of attention. So I hope you liked this post and I hope it can help others if they struggle with this too. Know that there is a way round everything,

i.e do it your way!


Projects and New Material

Dear all,

Its been a loooong time since I done a post and post some new material on my site. This is all going to change very soon.

Ive been going through a real interesting journey as of late, but have learnt many lessons along the way.

1. How greatful I am to be where I am. You feel me?

2. Very greatful for all my friends and family that support me.

I’ve also grown in my time management skills, as I used to just focus on one thing and do it all day, not always a good idea. But now I spend a shorter amount of time, and get more done! This has been a MAJOR lesson for me.

You may have noticed that even though I say I am an electronic musician, I haven’t posted much electronic music. Ive been finding it real hard to compose because of how I approach composing from the mental perspective, with judgement and what not. I also used to never get round to composing as I would just spend so much time fiddling, but now I see that I don’t need to do that anymore.

I can compose and let it come out freely. and then later I can produce and edit. I used to get this all mudled up and never did any composing. I think this happens because there are so many options with electronic music programs, but you have to do it in stages.

I really believe I can overcome this, and know, amazing music is waiting to come out of me if I allow to come freely. A testement to this will be when i release new music on this site.

Upcoming Projects.

Piano Album Vol 2 is well on its way.

Have been meeting Dan and Mike, work on Scrapbook Dreams Album.

Will be releasing EP concept albums at some point.

Then……. will approach a solo electronic music album, and also get writing on my short stories.

The time is coming and I am growing soooooo much these days,

…….just gotta be greatful accept what is given and received and APPRECIATE EVERYTHING!!!!!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!

p.s. I am starting a new assignment at university where I will looking at mixing. I am super excited about this, as I have always found it hard to understand, but also to hear the frequencies I am working with. I will do a post as the project develops.

The Year Ahead

Dear all,

A new year has begun. I thought I would follow in the style of my friends, and make a post about my aims and what I hope to achieve this year. Below is the main projects that I will be working on:

Make a return to Youtubeland

I used to have a Youtube channel, but I deleted it one day after getting worried that people would think ill of me. I of course know now that these were only the fears I have about myself, and that I shouldn’t be ashamed or scared of who I AM. I plan to make my return to Youtube, but this time I will try something different and use it for a different purpose! I won’t give much away, but it will be more tailored towards my fans that are interested in making electronic music.

Social Outlook

I plan to also make more use of social networks like Facebook and Twitter! Richard has been telling me for a while that I should consider these avenues and now I think is the time for Jamie Rama Productions to join in! I aim to use these networks to share my work with others i am connected too, not so much to be popular, but to give people a chance to see my work if they are interested.

Jamie and the Sunshine Band!

Thats the name for me Dan and Mike, and the projects we work on! I plan to get together with these two Legends and turn these scrapbook dreams into a musical reality! I look forward to meeting these guys again this year as it is always such a pleasure to see them.

Did I hear you say, Piano Album…..VOL 2?

If any of you have been fans of my piano work, let me tell you, some more piano tunes are on their way! Ive been practising and crafting Vol 2 for a while now, but I plan to get it recorded and delivered by JRP this year!

Aliens write melodies?

I plan to work on this idea I have for an alien/soundscape/melodies/concept/project thingy i’m gonna be composing music for. I plan to release a small EP that will follow on the soft sound of “Peace” and if all goes well here, I will maybe create an album which will showcase a musical journey in space or something along those lines!

And last but not least….Jamie Rama Productions writes novels?

I have some interesting dreams you know guys! some of them are so good that I get the inspiration to one day make them into a story. I have already written a plan after I had a dream and the story is already there in my mind, I just have to go to that space, enter that world, and then write about it! Last year I thought I would try something new and had the idea about making a podcast…this year…..I want to release a story on Kindle!

Most important of all, I just want to enjoy this year and allow all to happen and flow into existence in their own time! I hope you have a beautiful year…may love blossom from your heart and show you the way!

Peace and Love, Jamie