Music Month!


I’m really proud of myself this month! I am quite liking this new intention I have set for myself, giving myself a timescale of one month to work and create things. I want to commit to my music! So this is a great way.

This month I managed to create a song. I was inspired about how I felt after going to the opticians. I felt sad about my life and how I had to fill in a form as soon as I entered. I even wrote some lyrics and managed to sing and record them in my parents house. That was definitely a challenge exposing myself like that, but I wanted to do it! It’s ok to feel vulnerable, to be honest with your emotions and how you feel. I am a human being after all.

So I hope you like this song, and I hope it can connect with you and with whatever you are going through right now.

That’s all I got for this month, I am excited to see what I could try to do next.

For now, God bless!

A Better View

Dear all,

A Better View CoverI would like to introduce you to my latest EP of solo electronic music, A Better View. These pieces of music are based on the Music Specialism assignment I completed at university and this is my first attempt at forging my own unique style of ambient music, what I call, Glitch Atmospheric.

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Tomo Bounce

Dear all,

Continuing from my experiments with my brothers music. I sometimes add samples to the collection of material that are not directly related to his music. One sample I added was called “Tomo 3” which you will be able to see in the album art if you look closely. The sample features a wondrous piano player and dear friend of mine Tomo, playing one of his pieces from his recital.

I offered to help him record his recital in a practice room so he could enter the recording into a competition. I have never heard him play in this sort of way before….and I was amazed. He plays with such emotion and clarity, it is really something worth hearing. In fact, I thought i would share it with you so you can understand what I mean.

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Homage to Organised Sound

Dear all,

I have been a fan of Organised Sound’s music for a long time now. What I love most about his music, is how the sounds are so incredibly emotive and musical and such a pleasure to listen to.

I have been working on paying Homage to his music, and had the idea of taking different elements from each of his songs and combining them together in interesting ways, to create something new.

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