Harmonic Sounds

Here is a collection of sounds that I really think are magical and have that quality to transport you to a higher realm. So far, I would like to show you sounds I have come across in my travels, but I would very much like to create my own sounds too. Enjoy my friend, and let love show you the way.

Gentle Sine Bells

This sound is very beautiful. I find it very touching and delicate and it can be used to express many emotions and soundscapes. This piece showcases a simple melody, peaceful, floating in space where all is present.

Logic, Alchemy Soundbank

Calming Waves

This sound can express multitudes of flowing harmonic emotions to the listener. Let the sound wash over you and fill you with deep peace, calm, and all knowing consciousness.

Logic, ES2 Soundbank

Jacques Telephone

You all know about this sound already, but here is an alternative piece to showcase this idea. This sound is very sincere and delicate. It can express deep tones that the soul will understand. Let it connect you with the harmony of all things.

Pro Tools, Xpand!2 Soundbank