Richard Holliday

What project did we work on together?

I was very fortunate to work with Jamie on two projects so far: a three-chapter audiobook preview of my steampunk adventure novel The Last of the Steamers and a full reading of my pseudo-historical short story Oranges and Lemons.

How did you find it working with me?

Jamie was a consummate professional in his work, and extremely accommodating. His studio is well-organised and well-equipped and his work ethic is inspiring and the relaxing atmosphere really helps make a conducive aura for the realisation of projects.

Jamie was very quick to develop an efficient workflow that helped the projects we have worked on in being effectively and speedily realised. Jamie’s commitment to making the work the very best it could possibly be is second to none, whether on the day during recording with numerous ‘fluffs’ or in the edit: Jamie’s work has been without fail sublime and slick with the best interests of the project firmly at heart.

Any advice you would give to me or others considering my assistance?

Jamie is extremely talented and committed to every project. Technically his work is superb and it would be difficult to find error in the work produced. Jamie is always open to comments throughout the inception and realisation of a project and maintains a good level of communication at every stage.

In terms of making a business, Jamie is only just starting on this journey and is still trying to find a model that works for him. In the production of Oranges and Lemons I have done all I can to help guide Jamie with how a client-agent relationship should be conducted with success. Jamie does have some concerns about monetising his work; he does happily suffer from a degree of creative self-consciousness!

If I were to advise future clients looking to utilise Jamie’s impressive skillset, I would say to open a dialog with Jamie and make clear the needs, timescale and budget expected from a project initially and move from there. I’d also encourage Jamie to not be afraid to monetise his skills (he has made a significant investment in professional level hardware, software and education in the operation of such) and begin with providing an overall price plan/time scale at the very least from which clients can work from initially and then discuss further as needs arise. The more experience Jamie gets with this sort of professional-level contact with his clients, the easier and more efficient running his business will become.

That aside, from a technical and musical standpoint (which ultimately is the most important), I would wholly recommend Jamie on the basis of excellent end results delivered with total passion and enthusiasm. For projects large, small and everything in between, I can only recommend Jamie to the highest extent.

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