My Patches

I absolutely love creating patches. I have used a number of programs in my time, from Max MSP, Logic Pro, and of course Reason. My focus at the moment is with Reason as I want to get better at creating patches in this program. I plan to create a Refill and hopefully get it on the Propellerhead’s site so you can download it.

Have a look below at the latest patches I have created so far.

Synth patch – Neo Tokyo

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This sound has a warm quality to it that evokes the peaceful crackle of a fireplace in a remote cabin somewhere off into the distance with nature. The harmonies are very peaceful and can be used to create meaningful progressions in your music.

This patch uses the Thor Polysonic Synthesizer.

Download Patch

Special fx – Into Space

This is an effect that I created that enables you, at the press of a button, to take a sound and blast it off into space. Sound cool? I find this patch is great when used at the end of a phrase or section of music.

This patch is a Combinator effect and uses the Roll Echo feature on the The Echo unit in Reason.

Download Patch

Atmosphere – A New World

This is a patch that literally takes you into a new world. The ever changing sounds enable you to create a new atmosphere in your music. This can be used to emphasise the mysterious qualities in your music.

This patch is a Combinator instrument that utilises CV LFO modulation.

Download Patch

Copyright Notice

These patches are for you to use in your music and you may distribute them freely. If anyone asks about the patch, tell them where you got it from and spread the love.