Mark Lever

What project did we work on together?

I worked on an audio podcast counting down the best songs of the year 2012.

How did you find it working with me?

When I worked with Jamie Ramasawmy, I found the process smooth, impressive and very enjoyable to work with someone you can have a laugh but by no means sacrifice the quality of the production by doing so.

The recording equipment and software he had was easily sufficient for the job we wanted to do and produced high quality sound and a podcast, which require a few little cool techniques here and there to make it stand out.

Before I worked on this project, I had a faint idea of what I wanted from the podcasts but during the process working with Jamie, we threw around loads of ideas and came up with very clear idea of what we wanted from some great collaborative input.

Like most media work, working well as a team is very important and I found Jamie very easily to get on with and work with. He was someone who took your ideas on board and respected them and sometimes even developed them further to make it an even better idea.

I was very impressed by Jamie going the extra mile to get the podcast done. Even though it wasn’t his idea, he spent his own time to come up with what was required to make use of the time we spent together to finish the podcast. That meant, recording his own sound bites and editing & organising the sound, so the process went smoothly.

Any advice you would give to me or others considering my assistance?

If you are looking for someone who is efficient, professional and has high tech audio equipment/quality software then Jamie Ramasawmy is ideal.

b36fb3a94a052c0189e6f73060039278MARK LEVER – Scriptwriter and Producer