Taurus Beats

This guy really makes some banging beats! Some of his music has some serious energy to it, it can take you to another level. I find I listen to it when I am really feeling that powerful God force energy within. I admire how dedicated he is to his music and also how he wants to share and help others.

Kurt Kurasaki’s Bandcamp

This guy is an expert on using Reason and music engineering. He is also a brilliant down-to-earth, intelligent guy. I really like his latest album, ‘Velome’. I love how he is creating ambient music that is not only peaceful, but also deep, dark and incredibly atmospheric.

Tom Pritchard Sound Design Refills

This guy really is a synth ‘guru’. I have only been accustomed with his earlier Refills under the name ‘Stompp’. But literally, every patch was beautifully constructed, emotive and interesting. If you like ambient sounds and you use Reason, you got to check this guy’s Refills.

Wendy Dunham

Wendy is so beautiful and unique, not just a musician and producer, but also an artist and a web designer. I find her music takes me to another place, so playful and peaceful to listen to. I really resonate with her creative energy. She also has one of the best websites I have ever seen.


YouTube Channels


Jordan Criddle

I love this guy. I love how he is focused with his intent on making music and becoming better and successful everyday. I admire his passion. I love how we get to see his lifestyle too, and I love all the music he puts with his videos.

Stefan Guy

I really like this guy, the way he talks and explains things and also his sense of humour. I think these are good instructional videos and I love his calm down to earth tone.


This guys music is incredible! He is a master at creating ambient music using Eurorack Modular gear. So peaceful and atmospheric.

Ashley Owens

This women is a genius. Her music is coming from another place. I find her music so creative, but in a mystical way. She really knows about creative expression.


 Electronic Music


Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio – Additional Resources

Good source of mixing tools and tips.

Rhythm Lab – The Chemistry of Sounds

Nice collection of samples and loops, particularly drums.

Vintage Synth Explorer

Huge database of info about old synths.


Last updated February 2018