These are all friends of mine that have helped support me on this journey with my website. Below is a short description about them and a link to their website.

Elliot Stammers

“I am primarily interested in technical 3D roles from rigging and cloth to R&D and technical animation but experience leads me to believe that I am well-rounded and highly capable in both the technical and creative disciplines.”

A guy dedicated to his field of computer animation. Very intelligent with a keen interest in pushing boundaries and creating new things. A kind heart, always able to see the best in people. His laugh is infectious.

Mark Lever

“Mark Lever has dreamed for a long time to be in control of a tv show and creating the series arch and monitoring the scripts. His ideal job would be to be an Executive Producer of Doctor Who.”

A guy that will always give you a chance and is very good at getting the ball rolling in whatever he chooses to focus his attention on. A really good friend and all round great guy. Likes to have a laugh, enjoys good company.

Phillip Berriman (website unavailable)

“I have always wanted to have my own blog, so I can get my thoughts out there and listen to any responses. Another reason why I wanted to start writing a blog was to publicise my poetry.”

A wise soul who has a creative spirit. Very talented at poetry and wants to create a better future for all where everyone can be understood. A guy that likes to have fun and wants to make everyone feel welcome.

Richard Holliday

“Richard Holliday has only been writing seriously since 2010, but has always been fascinated and has had an aptitude for the written word since childhood. Richard enjoys and has great fun with science fiction and cyberpunk stories.”

A dear friend of mine, very lovable guy with a kind and forgiving heart. Very talented as a creative writer and has exceptional vision. Likes to have a good time and likes being around the people he cares about.