Hello everyone,

I just wanted to follow up on my previous posts about the doubts I was having about which software to use.

I have discovered that it is best to keep to your original intentions. When you use things that are supposedly better, it does not mean that they will make you happier.

Following your original intentions is the path that leads to the most enjoyment.

Nice to be back on here.

The start of something new! (composing, software and teachers advice)

Dear all,

You may not know this, but ever since I got unwell during early 2009 at uni I have found it really heard to compose. Not being able to go with the flow and getting stuck all the time.

But, slowly slowly I am realising what I need to to do get compose my music freely and let it come out.

I have just started using Logic again, after I realised I am not doing myself justice by not using it as I should be using professional software. I ain’t used logic properly since my first term at Guildhall in Sept 08 and I made some cracking music around that time. I basically been in Limbo all this time not accessing my full potential.

I am also realising these days, how lucky I am to have gone to study electronic music at Guildhall, cause they taught electronic music professionally and gave real professional advice from people that actually make a living out of it. There was one time earlier this year when my elective teacher was giving me honest professional advice about the industry, software, livelihood etc, and was actually a good guy who was looking out for me, but I remember not liking him. But now I realise,  I wasn’t ready to listen to him then.

It’s also taken me a long time to realise that I am a composer even though it says so in my bio.

Basically in a nutshell, I been in a dream I think all this time I think, and I am starting to believe in myself and making the choice to be professional about my music making.

There are so many things I want to try out as I am so talented at music, but who knows where my career will be, time will tell.

I think I am slowly becoming happy again lol, doing more things, and being responsible.

Love for all,


p.s. I hope one day I can tell you that I made it, doing what I love, earning a living and i dunno starting a family.

End of an Era in Gaming

Dear all,

I have decided to make this post based on recent discoveries I have made in my life. I’ve been playing games for a long time, since I was maybe ten years old. (I can’t really remember these days). I believe once you’ve played a lot, you develop a wide spectrum of what makes a game fun and enjoyable, and what games appeal to you.

However I feel now I have reached a point in my life where I am ready to move on to something else. I love games, but I know that its more the music and atmosphere that has always appealed to me (not necessarily the game itself). I feel my interests are changing now and that I would be more interested in sound design for games and being part of a develpment team, rather than playing the games as a hobby.

Somehow I also feel that this is coming at the right time, as it seems a new generation of gaming is upon us with the new consoles coming out (PS4  etc.) and I don’t really feel that I need to be part of this.

It’s really strange for me to say all this, as I have always played games. I think its come about because I have recently being playing Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and while I love the atmosphere, colours and the beautiful music…..I think the game itself is a bit boring now…it just doesn’t seem to interest me like it did.

I do know that games can be very addictive and I am testament to that. When I feel not willing to face reality, low mood and anxiety, it can be easy for me to fall into games, and I could play all day if I wanted to. But I feel this is all changing now, as its not necessary to do all of that anymore. You feel me?

Games and the memories it holds will always have a place, and what I am going to do is create a review of sorts of the different games I’ve played in my lifetime, and explain what I thought was magical about them. I’ve played on N64, Gamecube and PS3 consoles.

So I hope people aren’t offended by this post, I got no problems with games and I don’t think there bad, I’m just interested in other things now.

Love You

Time Management

Hey everyone,

I would like to share my current experience with managing time and setting yourself tasks. I think many people have difficulty with this at some point and eventually it becomes easier as one gets older.

Before the start of this year, I would usually only think about one project, and then I would end up spending the whole day on it. More times than not, I wouldn’t get that much done. I do push myself sometimes to get things done, but only when I have to (when there are a couple days before a deadline). Only since the start of this year, I have discovered a new way of approaching things, and it involves doing things in chunks.

Many people have already heard of this, but I never really knew about it until I starting doing it. Now I lean towards working in one hour chunks, and I have found that there have been times when I have got more done in the hour than I ever could have done before working all day.

So this leads me to believe the quality you spend within a certain timeframe, is what’s important. I think I used to see things as,

“right, got this project, lets spend the whole day doing it becuase then we have more time”

you get my drift?

However now I have come to another discovery. What I have been doing recently is, because of the one hour timeframe, I have been doing more and more projects, which is good….but the only thing is, I tend to loose priority and it tends to shift because I’m thinking of so many different things. I end up doing less than I intended.

So now as I write this post, I have come to a review of sorts of how to solve this.

The most important thing in terms of work is University, it is challenging me in all areas of my development as an electronic music composer and I should remember to prioritise this.

I will then leave space for just one side project. (currently: Oranges and Lemons Audiobook) Although I am taking on less I feel this plan is better, as I get to spend more time with the stuff I am focusing on. Like my good friend Dan said, this is the key to my success, when I focus…..I can really do the job well!

I feel I am improving with this aspect and slowly learning how to approach things and give them the right amount of attention. So I hope you liked this post and I hope it can help others if they struggle with this too. Know that there is a way round everything,

i.e do it your way!