The Problem all Music Producers may face

Ladies and Gentleman, I’ve cracked it!

I’ve finally figured out what was stopping me progressing with my music.




Let me show you an example:MP3 Bouncing

In Logic I always wondered about MP3 bouncing and because I don’t really know what I am doing, I always just put it at the highest quality, 320kbps. I even read in a book about it and it mentioned how you can bounce at 256kbps at that would be fine.

But what I realised today, is the REAL reason why I worry about this, is because I never bothered to actually find out what 256kbps actually means!


If I actually knew what that was, why would there be any reason to doubt what I am doing.

So that’s it really. I guess the answer is so simple, it’s staring you in the face.

Love Jem

Internet Distraction

Dear all,

I have come across another interesting realisation that I believe can help you focus on your music more.

I often click on my internet browser and connect to the internet, many times to check social media sites like YouTube and check up on my subscriptions, or I listen to my music on SoundCloud or go to my website. But many times when I go on the internet, there is not always a specific intention, just browsing. You feel this?

But what I have noticed, today I simply turned the wifi off on my mac, as I wasn’t going to use it for the time being, and then I realised what a different it makes just turning it off on your computer.

I usually just leave it on. But here is the wisdom. When I turned it off suddenly all that I had in front of me was my computer and its hard drive. And it was amazing!

Suddenly I started to pay more attention to what’s on my computer rather than thinking about something outside, and connecting my mind to the internet.

So, I believe if you turn your wifi off from time to time, when your not specifically using it, you might be surprised how it can help you focus on your music and everything that’s related to it!

Sent with love from the stars.

I hope this helps you dear.

Love Jamie

Important Realisations on Making Music

Dear all,

I want to share with you some realisations I have discovered about my journey with producing music.

I have come to discover that if I am to get better at making music, I have to practise. I have realised that it is that simple. And one of the main reasons why I haven’t improved over the last couple of years is simply because I don’t practise enough.

I have noticed another curious thing. I have created 107 tracks on my Soundcloud, but hardly anyone listens to them. I have come to discover, the reason for this is because a lot of them are ideas that I didn’t spend enough time on.

“If you truly want to make a piece of music the best it can be, you have to spend some time with it.”

So there you have it, simple realisations but powerful shifts in how I approach making music.

I hope this helps someone out there…

Software of choice

Hello my friends,

I want to continue my quest on understanding the relationship between me and music software.

I believe I have come full circle in my understanding, and will be moving into using Reason exclusively at some point in time.

Propellerhead have just released Reason 9.5, and they have now included VST’s which is a number one requested feature from Reason users.

Now more than ever I feel is the time to jump exclusively to Reason, my favourite music program.


But here is the wisdom I want to part with you.

I have been using Logic, a lot more recently and have made quite a few compositions, but here is what I noted. When using Logic, the usability and layout seems perfect!, it seems ‘logical’. BUT….

It doesn’t inspire me like when I use Reason and I am also not a fan of the black background in the main window, I feel it makes me depressed.

I notice Logic has a lot of features, more than Reason, it seems, but I have come to discover that it not about having more features, more functionality, but having the ‘important features’. That is all that is necessary.

So in conclusion I have discovered it is not about which software is better, but which software are you most comfortable with?, which software is fun for you?, which software inspires you? And it will be different for everyone.


So even though in my mind I thought Logic is supposed to be better, more professional, it means nothing to the CREATOR.

I believe I actually make better music in Reason. Music that is closer to my heart.


I want to say that gratitude is also important. I am greatful that I have Logic, that is all that is necessary, even if you don’t use it.

So now I feel I can switch programs, because I am doing it based on my own experience rather than what I thought the program was supposed to be.

Here is a video that I think presents a brilliant message that the Creator has the ultimate power. And that’s YOU!


Love Jamie


Realising the Scientific Method


I wanted to talk about an obstacle I have been coming across.

I’ve always wanted to know how all this music production stuff works. The more technical stuff related to sound engineering. One of the things that has always baffled me is the Compressor.

screen-shot-2017-02-24-at-13-55-59I realise even though I’ve done a degree in Electronic music, watched numerous tutorials, looked through many books, I am still unsure how to mix and produce my work.

I realise now, that the only way I am ever going to understand this is to read about it and experiment with the compressor until I understand it. I believe it is in that direct experience that one can truly learn something.

So I hope that helps someone out there. I thought it was really funny and beautiful how one can do all these things and still have a basic understanding of how sound works in their music productions.

Composing Part 2 – The Essentials

Dear all,

I wanted to continue this series on composing as I have recently come to another realisation about how I compose.

Recently, I have come into the position where I have set everything up in my room like this:


Speakers are set up, keyboard set up, guitar and microphone connected. Everything is set up so I can compose.


But I have been coming to the point where I go to sit down, and then I am unable to take action and actually create anything.

Its funny, everything is set up, but that doesn’t mean you will create anything.

So after talking about it with people, I had this experience.wp_20170201_14_09_48_pro

I sat down, just me and the computer and a mouse, and I worked on one of my compositions that I made.

It was magical! It was like a meditation, so peaceful, relaxed, and focused.

So the realisation is:

“You don’t actually need all this gear to compose”

Just the computer, and you, is fine. I found it a much more enjoyable and direct experience. Of course, all the additional gear I bought has a purpose, but when it comes to the actual composing, you don’t need it.



Composing – How not to get stuck

Hello babes and babets!

I wanted to talk about something I have been experiencing lately in regards to composing music on the computer.

I have been coming across a problem where I can only compose 16 bars or so of music. Many times I get inspired and I just run with it, but I can’t seem to go beyond this range and complete a piece of music.


The idea of music software is that it is supposed to aid you in achieving your vision and musical ideas. A lot of the functionality makes it instant for you to get sounds or patterns.

However one can end up getting into a trap:


‘Trying to compose using as little effort and thought as possible.’

I realise, if I am to compose something and be able to work on it consistently, I actually have to put effort in. I actually have to think about what I am composing.


All this is very obvious of course, but one can easily forget these simple truths.