Being OK with the creative process (Nov 2020, Month in Review)

Hi everyone,

I’m pretty proud of myself this month. Didn’t manage to stick to that intention I made in October about working on the tracks I have released these last couple months, however, I recently started working on a new track in the last couple days.

It went off to a good start, but then I got a bit stuck…I’m going to share with you just the bit that I like, I don’t know whether I will continue working on it.

Apart from that, I’m slowly realising to take my time with things, especially when it comes to creating music, so I don’t try to rush it now and really try to be in the flow and take care when I create. I am actually quite excited to create music now. Also I am realising to keep going with a musicial idea untill it sounds good to me and I am happy to listen to it. I will share the example below:

There was other parts in this song, but I wasn’t that happy with them…it didn’t sound as exciting, so I am just gonna leave it for now.

On another note, I recently bought a domain and the WordPress personal plan. I’ve thought many times of trying to put a bit more TLC into this website. I am quite excited to see what WordPress has to offer as it seems to have changed a lot over the last couple years. Happy to go on this journey and see where it takes me.

That’s all for this month. I hope your having a great time wherever you are,

Love Jamie

Month in Review (October 2020)

Dear all,

So this month didn’t go so well either, in terms of musical output 😦 I just couldn’t get myself motivated to want to compose music. I mainly engaged with other hobbies when I was in my bedroom.

I did manage to start an idea, I did that about 3 times this month. There was one idea I liked but didn’t have the effort to really dedicate some time to create how I imagined it in my head.

I think this time, it’s not worth posting the idea. What I can do though is post the main pad idea I created:

Listening to it just now, I realise it’s not a bad idea, I can probably work on this at some point. The pad sound really has an atmosphere that I wanted to develop with other accompanying sounds.

This isn’t really a good habit, 2 months having nothing of value to show…but I will keep persevering. If it happens again next month, I will accept that at this time I am just not inspired enough to create music at the moment.

The good news is, I have recently started volunteering! 🙂 This has been a really good thing, and is pushing me forward in the other areas of my life.

Until next time,

Love Jamie

Month in Review (September 2020)

Haven’t been able to do as much this month 😦

I allowed myself to get distracted so I was never really able to think about spending time doing music and being creative.

I managed to create an idea earlier in the month and worked on it on and off, but it doesn’t seem good enough for release.

I might post an excerpt of it here, just to highlight what I was able to create. Maybe at a later time I can revisit it and expand on it again.

Sorry it wasn’t as eventful as last month. I’m still really proud of ‘Box and Form‘, grateful I was able to create something like that and sing and be honest with expressing myself.

Love you loads,


Music Month!


I’m really proud of myself this month! I am quite liking this new intention I have set for myself, giving myself a timescale of one month to work and create things. I want to commit to my music! So this is a great way.

This month I managed to create a song. I was inspired about how I felt after going to the opticians. I felt sad about my life and how I had to fill in a form as soon as I entered. I even wrote some lyrics and managed to sing and record them in my parents house. That was definitely a challenge exposing myself like that, but I wanted to do it! It’s ok to feel vulnerable, to be honest with your emotions and how you feel. I am a human being after all.

So I hope you like this song, and I hope it can connect with you and with whatever you are going through right now.

That’s all I got for this month, I am excited to see what I could try to do next.

For now, God bless!