Releasing Tracks

Dear friends,

I have noticed that I have amassed quite a collection of tracks on SoundCloud now. The other day I went through all of them and noted what stage I was at with them, whether it was an idea, experiment, or a song I was trying to create.

I am thinking of setting myself a goal to try and work on these tracks and finish them.

Although it is tempting for me to keep releasing new ideas as they come, I am going to hold on to them for the time being, and try and focus my efforts on improving the tracks I already have, waiting for me.

Of course, if there is one I really like, I will share it, follow my intuition.

I can see that there can be a situation where one creates so many ideas, forget to go back and finish them, bloom that original intention they had for an idea.

Hope all is well,



Hello everyone,

I just wanted to follow up on my previous posts about the doubts I was having about which software to use.

I have discovered that it is best to keep to your original intentions. When you use things that are supposedly better, it does not mean that they will make you happier.

Following your original intentions is the path that leads to the most enjoyment.

Nice to be back on here.


Dear all,

So January has come and gone, but there is one resolution for this year I want to achieve. Making music has really picked up since I returned last year. It’s all just a journey of self discovery….

My resolution for this year is to release an album or even EP of my tracks on Bandcamp or any other internet music thing.

The difference to other stuff I have done, is this time I am going to really work on them, the composition and the sound. Both a challenge, but worth it. I may even get my tracks mastered (a new endeavour).

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I feel I got to get my music out there so it can connect with people who are looking for it.

Loves in bounds of puppy dog licking!

Creating things

Dear all,

While I am in full flow working on a podcast project with Mark Lever, just found this online.

Why I Love Being An Engineer

Laura Thomson posed a question on Twitter, asking what do you like most about being an engineer? I spent a good part of the morning thinking about it, and it’s an interesting question to answer. My answer is simple: it’s the fact that engineering is a creative enterprise, one that requires intense imagination and sometimes lots of sweat, blood and tears.

The greatest inventors of the past were creative, intelligent thinkers who imagined solutions. This to me embodies engineering today. As a software engineer, I’m called upon to answer difficult technical problems that involve creating solutions that require innovation and invention. Engineers are modern-day inventors.

Engineers simply think differently than many other professions. This ostensibly creates differences in mindset and opinion between engineers and managers who do not think similarly; it’s that difference in thought process at work that creates strife. Successful managers, or managers who were or are developers, learn to understand the whimsical (in the playful and imaginative sense) and creative nature of engineering and empower engineers to imagine, innovate and invent.

What is it about engineering that you love? Why are you an engineer? Feel free to tweet an answer, or comment here, or even write your own blog post!


I find I resonate with this, I definitely like designing things in the audio world and feel I have the engineers mind for creative design inside of me.

Happy times

Jamie Rama Productions 2014

Dear all,

For much of this year I haven’t been active with my music or the website, but I am very pleased to have picked it up towards the end of this year. This year I guess has been all about getting back into things and rekindling my flame for music and producing. With the advent of me starting to use Logic again, I am now having a ball of a time composing, whether it be songs or just ideas. However, after getting a little confused about what software to use, I realised to just go with the flow and not stress too much about it.

I think the main thing I have learnt is that when you play or compose music, its all about the energy and the feel that you put into it. Many times I have gotten lost somehow, but I am trying to overcome my difficulties. This latest track I believe showcases my creative energies well.

Love you loads. Bye

I feel peace – short piece

Dear all,

I have been finding it really difficult to move from Reason to Logic, cause it can be really addictive with Reason. I can get lost in the details with all the knobs and buttons, and never make any music. (plus I’ve used it for so long, you can become attached).

I know I am making the right move, (I think I always new Logic was better). The thing is, Reason just looks so good you wanna use it, but once you use a better program, you difference is plain to see. (And I notice, all the professionals use Logic, if not that then Pro Tools, no one ever mentions Reason, and there is a reason for that.

Logic is so much more professional, smooth, just so easy. Just check this piece below, literally in 10 minutes or so.

I promise you my loves, I reckon I am going to go further with Logic now then ever before and make better music than I previously didn’t think I could do!

I know you are all behind me and know how talented I am, I am going to get better at this!

Love you always

The start of something new! (composing, software and teachers advice)

Dear all,

You may not know this, but ever since I got unwell during early 2009 at uni I have found it really heard to compose. Not being able to go with the flow and getting stuck all the time.

But, slowly slowly I am realising what I need to to do get compose my music freely and let it come out.

I have just started using Logic again, after I realised I am not doing myself justice by not using it as I should be using professional software. I ain’t used logic properly since my first term at Guildhall in Sept 08 and I made some cracking music around that time. I basically been in Limbo all this time not accessing my full potential.

I am also realising these days, how lucky I am to have gone to study electronic music at Guildhall, cause they taught electronic music professionally and gave real professional advice from people that actually make a living out of it. There was one time earlier this year when my elective teacher was giving me honest professional advice about the industry, software, livelihood etc, and was actually a good guy who was looking out for me, but I remember not liking him. But now I realise,  I wasn’t ready to listen to him then.

It’s also taken me a long time to realise that I am a composer even though it says so in my bio.

Basically in a nutshell, I been in a dream I think all this time I think, and I am starting to believe in myself and making the choice to be professional about my music making.

There are so many things I want to try out as I am so talented at music, but who knows where my career will be, time will tell.

I think I am slowly becoming happy again lol, doing more things, and being responsible.

Love for all,


p.s. I hope one day I can tell you that I made it, doing what I love, earning a living and i dunno starting a family.

What a ride!

Dear all,

I’m really happy with my myself and all the music I have released over these last two weeks or so. I just been going with the flow. I hope you guys have enjoyed listening.

I had a brainwave the other night, and had some interesting ideas about the website and how I could improve it. So I am going to take a break from releasing music and see what I can come up with.

I am so happy that I giving my music and the website some TLC again. I guess its important to believe in yourself innit.

Thank you everyone for all your support!

Love Jamie

I like making music again

Dear all,

These days, I’ve got into this habit where I think too much, so much so that I end up not actually doing things, you know what I’m talking about?

but anyway, yesterday, I was getting ready to go out with my friends, and while I was in the house I noticed I was thinking a lot and just sitting in a chair lol

Then I thought of just making some music on Reason, and then BANG!

I had like an amazing experience composing, check out the result below. I can’t believe I made this in like an hour or less i dunno.

Man whats wrong with me.