About Me

I have been playing the piano since very young and I have always had a fascination with sound, harmony and composition. I started composing in my mid teens and created numourous compositions with an electronic keyboard. I also started composing many piano compositions and I have released two piano albums since then. I am a multi-instrumentalist but my main instrument is the piano and of course my voice. Since completing GCSE and A-Level music, I have achieved a BMus degree in Electronic Music and now I am focusing on improving my skills as a music producer and composer.

Further background

I started out very young being fascinated by sound. From an early age I would sit at the piano and listen to the sounds on the tv and try to copy them. In my early teens I was introduced to a Yamaha electronic keyboard and was fascinated by the ability to record different parts with different voices and then play them all at once. This was the beginnings of my experience with sequencing and composition.

I made numerous compositions this way and it gave me great enjoyment to create my own composition and hear my efforts in its entirety. Alongside this experience, my fascination with sound and the piano continued. I found the sound of the piano to be very expressive and sincere, and I developed many compositions on the piano through my own playfulness and experimentation. “Piano Album Volume 1” is a culmination of these compositions, but there are numerous others that I also made at this time.

During school time as a teenager, I was introduced to Ejay as part of my studies and this further increased my awareness of sequencing and arrangement. Here I was able to create my compositions in a new way, adding segments and using my ear to blend sounds and tonalities together. I made numerous compositions with this software and I found it very enjoyable to create complex arrangements with all these different segments and beats involved. This was my first introduction to composition using the computer.

Also around this time, I was introduced to a demo version of Reason 3. And from that point on I knew my path was clear. I was fascinated with Reason, with all the devices and all the possibilities of sound that one had the potential to create. I knew that one day I wanted to really learn this software and use it to create the best compositions I can. To this day I still have that dream, so many years later.

Many other things drew me to the world of electronic music. I was fascinated by how sounds could be subtly very complex but also incredibly expressive. The music in films like “Donnie Darko” and “One Hour Photo” gave me an explosion of wondrous delight as I amazed at the atmosphere these sounds were creating, and I wondered how they were able to create it.

Last Updated: 7th August 2021