Happy January 2021 (month in review)


This month I didn’t make a lot of progress. A lot of it happened at the end of November/start of December 2020. I got off to a good start and then I lost the momentum a bit. Here’s what I managed to create:

I want to let you know of some changes to my SoundCloud. At the moment I am not paying for the Pro Unlimited subscription so I am just using the free plan. Unfortunately, I had to remove a lot of tracks so I could upload my latest track. However in my opinion, I have left the most important tracks still intact. I don’t really plan to remove anymore from this point so I might have to look into another platform to distribute my music. I am only a music hobbyist, not serious about it at the moment. All my main music releases are on my Bandcamp anyway, so if you miss certain tracks, check them out there.

I have to have a think about how and where I want to release my music next. Personally, I think I had too many tracks on SoundCloud anyway and a lot of them weren’t finished, just small ideas. And I don’t think it was worth it me paying for the pro subscription as I am only a music hobbyist at the moment and I just like sharing my music creations.

We’ll see, I think it is better this way.

Hope everyone is doing ok, we can get through this lockdown!

Love Jamie

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