Happy end of year! (Dec 2020)

Dear all,

Hope your all having a great end of year. It’s been crazy innit!

Just thought I would round off this year with one of my latest creations. Here it is:

I decided to show you how far I got with this one instead of just an extract. Unfortunately with this track, I just couldn’t figure out where to take it…I did take some breaks in-between writing it, maybe that contributed to it?

I’m just gonna leave it there and maybe I might revisit it again one day.

I feel I am getting better at composing…just a little bit, I tried to focus a lot more with this track, and really tried to pay attention to creating the drum parts. I feel this song isn’t really that exciting even though it does seem quite interesting to me. I didn’t really play anything in this time when I composed and just tried to use my mind and the sequencer.

We’ll see how the next one goes, I do want to really take it slow now when I compose and really try to make it sound good…I think I just need to get better at generating ideas. I know what we hear at the end of a finished piece isn’t what we heard in the early stages of creation, but I have to learn to accept that process more and try to compose more consciously.

Anyways, I hope you have a great end of year, and I look forward to seeing you in the next one!

Love Jamie

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