Being OK with the creative process (Nov 2020, Month in Review)

Hi everyone,

I’m pretty proud of myself this month. Didn’t manage to stick to that intention I made in October about working on the tracks I have released these last couple months, however, I recently started working on a new track in the last couple days.

It went off to a good start, but then I got a bit stuck…I’m going to share with you just the bit that I like, I don’t know whether I will continue working on it.

Apart from that, I’m slowly realising to take my time with things, especially when it comes to creating music, so I don’t try to rush it now and really try to be in the flow and take care when I create. I am actually quite excited to create music now. Also I am realising to keep going with a musicial idea untill it sounds good to me and I am happy to listen to it. I will share the example below:

There was other parts in this song, but I wasn’t that happy with them…it didn’t sound as exciting, so I am just gonna leave it for now.

On another note, I recently bought a domain and the WordPress personal plan. I’ve thought many times of trying to put a bit more TLC into this website. I am quite excited to see what WordPress has to offer as it seems to have changed a lot over the last couple years. Happy to go on this journey and see where it takes me.

That’s all for this month. I hope your having a great time wherever you are,

Love Jamie

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