Music Month!


I’m really proud of myself this month! I am quite liking this new intention I have set for myself, giving myself a timescale of one month to work and create things. I want to commit to my music! So this is a great way.

This month I managed to create a song. I was inspired about how I felt after going to the opticians. I felt sad about my life and how I had to fill in a form as soon as I entered. I even wrote some lyrics and managed to sing and record them in my parents house. That was definitely a challenge exposing myself like that, but I wanted to do it! It’s ok to feel vulnerable, to be honest with your emotions and how you feel. I am a human being after all.

So I hope you like this song, and I hope it can connect with you and with whatever you are going through right now.

That’s all I got for this month, I am excited to see what I could try to do next.

For now, God bless!

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