Internet Distraction

Dear all,

I have come across another interesting realisation that I believe can help you focus on your music more.

I often click on my internet browser and connect to the internet, many times to check social media sites like YouTube and check up on my subscriptions, or I listen to my music on SoundCloud or go to my website. But many times when I go on the internet, there is not always a specific intention, just browsing. You feel this?

But what I have noticed, today I simply turned the wifi off on my mac, as I wasn’t going to use it for the time being, and then I realised what a different it makes just turning it off on your computer.

I usually just leave it on. But here is the wisdom. When I turned it off suddenly all that I had in front of me was my computer and its hard drive. And it was amazing!

Suddenly I started to pay more attention to what’s on my computer rather than thinking about something outside, and connecting my mind to the internet.

So, I believe if you turn your wifi off from time to time, when your not specifically using it, you might be surprised how it can help you focus on your music and everything that’s related to it!

Sent with love from the stars.

I hope this helps you dear.

Love Jamie

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