Important Realisations on Making Music

Dear all,

I want to share with you some realisations I have discovered about my journey with producing music.

I have come to discover that if I am to get better at making music, I have to practise. I have realised that it is that simple. And one of the main reasons why I haven’t improved over the last couple of years is simply because I don’t practise enough.

I have noticed another curious thing. I have created 107 tracks on my Soundcloud, but hardly anyone listens to them. I have come to discover, the reason for this is because a lot of them are ideas that I didn’t spend enough time on.

“If you truly want to make a piece of music the best it can be, you have to spend some time with it.”

So there you have it, simple realisations but powerful shifts in how I approach making music.

I hope this helps someone out there…

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