Software of choice

Hello my friends,

I want to continue my quest on understanding the relationship between me and music software.

I believe I have come full circle in my understanding, and will be moving into using Reason exclusively at some point in time.

Propellerhead have just released Reason 9.5, and they have now included VST’s which is a number one requested feature from Reason users.

Now more than ever I feel is the time to jump exclusively to Reason, my favourite music program.


But here is the wisdom I want to part with you.

I have been using Logic, a lot more recently and have made quite a few compositions, but here is what I noted. When using Logic, the usability and layout seems perfect!, it seems ‘logical’. BUT….

It doesn’t inspire me like when I use Reason and I am also not a fan of the black background in the main window, I feel it makes me depressed.

I notice Logic has a lot of features, more than Reason, it seems, but I have come to discover that it not about having more features, more functionality, but having the ‘important features’. That is all that is necessary.

So in conclusion I have discovered it is not about which software is better, but which software are you most comfortable with?, which software is fun for you?, which software inspires you? And it will be different for everyone.


So even though in my mind I thought Logic is supposed to be better, more professional, it means nothing to the CREATOR.

I believe I actually make better music in Reason. Music that is closer to my heart.


I want to say that gratitude is also important. I am greatful that I have Logic, that is all that is necessary, even if you don’t use it.

So now I feel I can switch programs, because I am doing it based on my own experience rather than what I thought the program was supposed to be.

Here is a video that I think presents a brilliant message that the Creator has the ultimate power. And that’s YOU!


Love Jamie


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