Composing Part 2 – The Essentials

Dear all,

I wanted to continue this series on composing as I have recently come to another realisation about how I compose.

Recently, I have come into the position where I have set everything up in my room like this:


Speakers are set up, keyboard set up, guitar and microphone connected. Everything is set up so I can compose.


But I have been coming to the point where I go to sit down, and then I am unable to take action and actually create anything.

Its funny, everything is set up, but that doesn’t mean you will create anything.

So after talking about it with people, I had this experience.wp_20170201_14_09_48_pro

I sat down, just me and the computer and a mouse, and I worked on one of my compositions that I made.

It was magical! It was like a meditation, so peaceful, relaxed, and focused.

So the realisation is:

“You don’t actually need all this gear to compose”

Just the computer, and you, is fine. I found it a much more enjoyable and direct experience. Of course, all the additional gear I bought has a purpose, but when it comes to the actual composing, you don’t need it.



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