Composing – How not to get stuck

Hello babes and babets!

I wanted to talk about something I have been experiencing lately in regards to composing music on the computer.

I have been coming across a problem where I can only compose 16 bars or so of music. Many times I get inspired and I just run with it, but I can’t seem to go beyond this range and complete a piece of music.


The idea of music software is that it is supposed to aid you in achieving your vision and musical ideas. A lot of the functionality makes it instant for you to get sounds or patterns.

However one can end up getting into a trap:


‘Trying to compose using as little effort and thought as possible.’

I realise, if I am to compose something and be able to work on it consistently, I actually have to put effort in. I actually have to think about what I am composing.


All this is very obvious of course, but one can easily forget these simple truths.

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