Scrapbook Dreams

Dear all,

album cover jpg 2

I would like to introduce you to my final release on this website. This is an album I made in collaboration with my good friends Mike and Dan. We have been working on these songs for over a year, and now, I would like to present to you…..Scrapbook Dreams.

This is a collection of songs that we all helped bring to life. In my other music releases I usually go on to talk about each track in detail, but this time I will leave you to discover the nature of each song. All I will say is that each piece is distinct, some songs with just guitar and voice, others in a band setting, some, in more interesting combinations.

What I would like to talk about is the experience of getting this album together. What I loved most about this project was collaborating with my friends. And I think out of all the things that is documented on this website, this idea of collaborating with friends is probably the most important thing I have learned from this whole website experience.


Me, Mike and Dan would get together and literary just talk, chill, and jam. That’s it!

And then by the end of one hour or so, we would literally have an idea for a song, it was like magic every time.

I have also learnt a lot about how to approach songs with lyrics as throughout the journey, me and Dan composed in many different ways.

20130330_150830Sometimes he would have some lyrics and I would jam with it and we would all sing along. Other times, I had some spontaneous ideas and would make a recording and send it to Dan, then Dan would get back to me with some lyrics.

I really enjoyed this whole experience and I hope Dan and Mike had fun making it. Like I said when I first started working with Richard and Elliot, its really so much fun to get together with friends and create something.

Peace and Love, Jamie

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