Jamie Rama Productions 2013

Dear all,

This year has featured a lot of changes and now that this year is coming to a close, its amazing how far I have come. This year has been on the whole all about my experiences at university.

When it came to the start of this year, things were not looking too good for the future of my degree. The biggest change was picking it up again and throughout March to this very day things have been going quite well. One of my highlights was the Max Portfolio that I completed for one of my assignments as I really thought it was too hard, but guess what….I managed to get a distinction for this assignment. Just shows eh!

The start of the year also kicked off another collab with Richard and Elliot as we worked on bringing Oranges and Lemons into fruition. I really liked this experience with them, it felt it was a lot more focused and I feel we all really put our best.

A lot of the projects I worked on revolved around my university assignments, as I am sure you have seen, but I also composed a video showreel type track and some free compositions based on a music making idea I had. It really helped loosen some barriers when composing and get whats in my head into musical form as freely as possible.

I want to say a big thank you to all my friends and family for all the support. Highlights with my friends include when they all went on Skype and talked to me and gave me some advice, and also when Elliot let me stay over an extra night and we had a drink in the pub together. It really helped keep things going. I want to say thank you to my professor too, as he has given me so many tips about electronic music and composing. I am very grateful to have talked to someone who has had so much experience in his field.

I think one of my biggest achievements has been my solo EP that I made. I always said that I wanted to do some sort of solo electronic album and I am so glad that I continued with university, as it gave me inspiration and discipline to get it going.20130811_173656

Last but not least, I would like to say a big thank you to Dan and Chrissy, because thanks to them, I was able to perform many Scrapbook Dreams songs throughout this year and it has been a pleasure being given the opportunity to perform and give something back to people from your heart.

 My love, Jamie

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