September Announcements

Dear all,

I mentioned in my previous post back in June, that I would be taking a break from the website and focusing on finishing my principal work at university. My first announcement, is to inform all of you that everything went well and I managed to finish all the assignments. You can look forward to some more posts about them over the next couple of months.

The second announcement I would like to make is in regards to this website. I have made a decision to stop updating this website at the end of the year. I have enjoyed this journey very much, it has been a tremendous learning experience and I can now see that I am coming to the end of that journey.

My third and final announcement is that I am going to be releasing a new EP later this month called, A Better View. This is an EP of solo electronic music and is my first attempt at creating my own form of electronic sound.

Love you loads babe, Jamie

One thought on “September Announcements

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