End of an Era in Gaming

Dear all,

I have decided to make this post based on recent discoveries I have made in my life. I’ve been playing games for a long time, since I was maybe ten years old. (I can’t really remember these days). I believe once you’ve played a lot, you develop a wide spectrum of what makes a game fun and enjoyable, and what games appeal to you.

However I feel now I have reached a point in my life where I am ready to move on to something else. I love games, but I know that its more the music and atmosphere that has always appealed to me (not necessarily the game itself). I feel my interests are changing now and that I would be more interested in sound design for games and being part of a develpment team, rather than playing the games as a hobby.

Somehow I also feel that this is coming at the right time, as it seems a new generation of gaming is upon us with the new consoles coming out (PS4  etc.) and I don’t really feel that I need to be part of this.

It’s really strange for me to say all this, as I have always played games. I think its come about because I have recently being playing Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and while I love the atmosphere, colours and the beautiful music…..I think the game itself is a bit boring now…it just doesn’t seem to interest me like it did.

I do know that games can be very addictive and I am testament to that. When I feel not willing to face reality, low mood and anxiety, it can be easy for me to fall into games, and I could play all day if I wanted to. But I feel this is all changing now, as its not necessary to do all of that anymore. You feel me?

Games and the memories it holds will always have a place, and what I am going to do is create a review of sorts of the different games I’ve played in my lifetime, and explain what I thought was magical about them. I’ve played on N64, Gamecube and PS3 consoles.

So I hope people aren’t offended by this post, I got no problems with games and I don’t think there bad, I’m just interested in other things now.

Love You

One thought on “End of an Era in Gaming

  1. Richard Holliday says:

    Interesting point of view, Jamie. I’d look forward to retrospectives about important games from your past… but I’m surprised (not offended) to see you “giving up” on gaming? What about puzzle games and such? I find games to be a really engaging form of entertainment; TV etc is a bit too passive. I like to be solving puzzles, seeing stories play out…

    Definitely think you should play the other Mass Effect games at least! I’ve found so far they’re incredibly detailed worlds with real characters… and really inspirational. Maybe less inspirational from a musicians point of view…

    In terms of the new consoles… ignore ’em. I certainly am; indeed, I’m spending a lot of happy time revisiting old games from my past and finding them just as fun as they were 10, 15 years ago. It’s great 😀

    But yeah if gaming is taking up too much time, one must limit it; maybe use it as an encouragement for completion of a set schedule of work or something lol. The inference I’m getting here is “games are for children; time to put childish things down.” If so, then there’s nothing wrong with letting the kid inside you come out from time to time 😀

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