Time Management

Hey everyone,

I would like to share my current experience with managing time and setting yourself tasks. I think many people have difficulty with this at some point and eventually it becomes easier as one gets older.

Before the start of this year, I would usually only think about one project, and then I would end up spending the whole day on it. More times than not, I wouldn’t get that much done. I do push myself sometimes to get things done, but only when I have to (when there are a couple days before a deadline). Only since the start of this year, I have discovered a new way of approaching things, and it involves doing things in chunks.

Many people have already heard of this, but I never really knew about it until I starting doing it. Now I lean towards working in one hour chunks, and I have found that there have been times when I have got more done in the hour than I ever could have done before working all day.

So this leads me to believe the quality you spend within a certain timeframe, is what’s important. I think I used to see things as,

“right, got this project, lets spend the whole day doing it becuase then we have more time”

you get my drift?

However now I have come to another discovery. What I have been doing recently is, because of the one hour timeframe, I have been doing more and more projects, which is good….but the only thing is, I tend to loose priority and it tends to shift because I’m thinking of so many different things. I end up doing less than I intended.

So now as I write this post, I have come to a review of sorts of how to solve this.

The most important thing in terms of work is University, it is challenging me in all areas of my development as an electronic music composer and I should remember to prioritise this.

I will then leave space for just one side project. (currently: Oranges and Lemons Audiobook) Although I am taking on less I feel this plan is better, as I get to spend more time with the stuff I am focusing on. Like my good friend Dan said, this is the key to my success, when I focus…..I can really do the job well!

I feel I am improving with this aspect and slowly learning how to approach things and give them the right amount of attention. So I hope you liked this post and I hope it can help others if they struggle with this too. Know that there is a way round everything,

i.e do it your way!


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