Piano Compositions Vol 2

Dear all,

S1220039 (Vol 2)

I would like to introduce you to,   “Piano Compositions Vol 2”

There are distinct themes that run throughout and I designed the album to flow like a story with a sense of progression as you listen to each piece.

This album will take you on a journey, are you ready to travel the road of discovery?

The overall story refers to starting a journey connected to love and innocence but then falling and forgetting what you once were and getting stuck in darker times. With seemingly no way to get out, out of nowhere a miracle is presented and you are given a flicker of hope to keep going.

The quest begins and as you ride the momentum you slowly start to remember your connection to love. The pinnacle point of this remembrance comes from integrating your past to help develop the full spectrum of who you are. Then there comes a point when you are ready for the next step and things develop on a much more personal level inherent to your experience.

Then the process of transformation begins, and it is a very sacred one, where you enter the full realisation and remembrance of your connection to love and when that happens it would be impossible to express that in words.

I will now proceed to outline the main musical ideas that help accent these themes and also give an insight into what I imagined when creating and playing these pieces.

Intro and Born from Love

This is where the story starts, and while it starts bright with sparkle and delight I wanted to create as the piece goes on a sense of absolute bliss, and divine love. I imagine how it is to be/to be in the company of a baby. Think of the sounds you would hear when listening to a baby, soft sounds. This track expresses a sense of completeness, harmony and balance but it is transformed at the end, as something slowly creeps up and one forgets from where they originate.

Stuck in the Matrix

The idea behind this piece was to accent being stuck and trying to find your way out. The running figures in this piece help identify a sense of urgency and is completely different to the previous piece. There is an overall tone of sadness that can be heard towards the end as one has become lost and does not know who he/she is anymore.


This piece is like a lament, as if this persons heart is heavy, and is releasing his/her emotion. The tones represent this person crying out and highlights the lowest point in the journey. However, towards the end, this recent experience seems to give new hope as we travel to a new mystical area. The idea here is that the person is slowly discovering a way out of that dark place and is playing and seeing the options he/she has.

I Need to Break Free

Here we return to the dark place, but now things have changed. It is like in a movie when you return to a scene to see how the characters have progressed. There is more control in this area now, more purpose. There is a great crescendo as this person nearly manages to escape but falls back down into those mystical tones as he/she continues thinking and playing with options. This sort of reminds me of cartoons (Aladdin) when the characters are trying to escape a jail by climbing up the wall and then falling back down. However the effort was not to know avail as towards the end of the piece we are taken to new heights, as something that is vaguely similar to the bliss of the intro piece returns, and we lightly discover and think about what this means.

A Glimmer of Hope

Think of a candle flicking silently presenting that light in a dark room, that’s what I was going for here. The person very slowly starts to get a glimmer of remembering where he came from, and it is very spacious and airy. Here I was inspired by the space of “Piano 3” (Piano Compositions Vol 1). By the half way point it builds and then suddenly, we return to a variation of the ideas presented in “Born from Love”. Towards the end of the piece, we still here those matrix motifs which signify that the journey is not yet complete but we are now ready to move forward.

The Quest Begins

This piece definitely odes influence and appreciation to Jeremy Soule’s music. So much so that I will present his music here too. Check out “Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion”, you will see what I mean. Ok side track over, this piece has a bright adventurous quality to it, like going camping on a summers day. It highlights traveling through life and discovering new things as this person accumulates experience for himself/herself. It has a very serious and deep purposeful sound to it too, which highlights that this person is getting ready and slowly climbing that ladder and wants to reach the top. By the end of the piece we have traveled far and wide, and there comes a point of stillness….anticipation……

Embracing the Past

The big steps are made here. Here it gradually builds, until it explodes as the person goes through all types of emotions until he comes into the remembrance of his past after all the traveling and those dark days, and begins to incorporate them into his experience. The past here is highlighted by returning to ideas that are present in “Piano Compositions Vol 1”. By the end of the piece there is no doubt that this person has reached new heights and is finally out of that dark place, has incorporated his past and is ready for the final challenge.

I AM Ready to Return

This piece is as if this person is making a declaration that he is ready to know. The sounds here become very deep and personal as he travels this road. Every time the music in this album starts to get very emotional and deep this person is making big changes. By the end of the piece there is a reminder of a motif of the previous song, as he wonders whether his call has been answered….and then suddenly, do, do, de, dun, do , do, do that rhythm kicks in, and we are flying, soaring to new heights leaving the world completely and entering another one. This free flowing music at the end is like being on a road trip with your friends, and driving down a long road. Amazing!

Sacred Reunion

This is the last track, and it starts out, fierce. It is like when you reach that final boss in a video game, you know its time. As the piece develops the tone suddenly changes and we are brought into dun dun dun dun, a new soundscape…and then it happens, the real transformation is here. It is personal, sacred, close and unique to the heart. The running figure half way through this sacred song, emphasises the literal transformation into something new. And then by the end of the piece we finally made it, we return to that bliss, that peace….that love. We return to the ideas of “Intro” and “Born from Love”, and the piece goes out with a BANG!

Peace and Love, Jamie

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