Music Creation Pledge

Dear every person that exists on this earth,

I have decided to give myself a challenge to help me practice at composing electronic music.


Throughout the month of May, I am going to create a new piece of music every week. I will compose it and then later throughout that week I will edit it and add further ideas if necessary.


The most important thing for me is that I will let all this happen freely and will allow my ideas to flow. I will make sure that I don’t judge and not think too much about it. I also won’t expect myself to make completely finished songs either.

The main purpose of this challenge is to have fun making music.


I have noticed that I don’t have much electronic music on my Soundcloud and I know the reason why. I am a bit hesitant of putting music that I think is crap, or not completely amazing or something. But, i think its important for me to be able to accept the music that I create and be willing to share it with the world.

I was also really inspired by Propellerhead. (the people that make the music program called Reason) Two years ago in May, Propellerhead featured a music making month, where they had all different musicians, producers, sound designers, song writers, companies etc. come in and talk via live video and share their experience and give advice to others. It was beautiful, they also encouraged all the users to make music and send it to propellerhead so it could have a chance at appearing in the next video. What a wonderful idea this all was, and what a way to bring everyone together to talk, learn, and experience.

You can find all the videos on their Youtube channel.

So I hope you enjoy this guys, if it all goes well, I will continue until July 12th, which will mean that when I break up for the holidays on this day, I will have released ten tracks of new music.

Love to you all,


2 thoughts on “Music Creation Pledge

  1. Richard Holliday says:

    Looking forward to hearing more of your stuff with a bit more regularity, Jamie! Sometimes experimenting is cool, even with concepts you’re unsure of and even if the results aren’t as you’d want them. You have to try! 😀

    • Jamie Rama Productions says:

      Thank you Rich! I have to remind myself that its ok to be unsure of things and be willing to try things out.

      I really admire all the work I have read from you so far. One of the things I think you are really good at is the tense moments in your novels. You are also very thoughtful in the reflective moments.

      I look forward to reading your collection on Kindle!

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