Song of the Year 2012

Dear all,


I want to welcome you to a collaboration I made with Mark Lever.

We worked together on bringing you a countdown for the song of the year 2012, from numbers 82 – 11.

I had so much fun doing this, let me tell you about the whole experience.

So we worked together on getting some facts and recording different elements for the podcasts like song callouts, numbers, clues, different intros, it was really cool to record different things. I found it really nice looking at the facts and clues of the different artists, as there were some things I found out that I never knew. It was also nice just to listen to some of the songs that are in the countdown and take a trip down memory lane.

When it came to the editing, it was a lengthy process, but I don’t always get the opportunity to do these big projects as the last one was “The Last of the Steamers”.
Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 19.36.12

It took a while to edit all the material and find the takes that I wanted to use but after that, the fun bit was putting it all together and enjoying the ride. Doing a countdown podcast was really fun as it really builds nicely throughout all of the podcasts.

Having worked on the “New Discovery Podcast” it was really refreshing to work on another podcast with a different purpose. I have known Mark for a while but having this opportunity to work with him really gave me a chance to get to know him. For more information, check out the “Song of the Year 2012” website.

Peace and Love, Jamie

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