Waking up in Paradise

Dear all,

I would like to introduce to you my latest single, “Waking up in Paradise”

This piece of music was inspired by our wonderful home, we call Earth. It is a reflection of its beauty and the love it holds as we learn to reconnect with the Divine Love of the Universe.

I was inspired to make this piece upon recording the second episode for the “New Discovery Podcast”. I really enjoyed the experience of imagining just slowly opening your eyes after sleeping in the forest, and being welcomed to the wonderful sounds of nature. Just imaging these experiences can bring someone into a state of peace.

We all have a deep connection with Earth, and this piece is really just showing my appreciation to the beauty of nature. We are never alone in this world, we are so beautiful and loved by all, it is inconceivable to some at this point. But often when people sit outside and just be open to receive the many gifts from nature, there will be a distant recollection of paradise. The sounds of nature reconnect us to some distant, old and wise part of us that some have not rediscovered yet.

The power of sound, is so important hear as we listen to birds and other animals. These sounds carry a specific frequency that hold that deep connection with Earth, whether that be wind, rain, waves, it is all natures music communicating with us.

We are moving into a transition now at these times, where LOVE is going to play a big role in everything we do. I am in my own way showing and reflecting on the sounds of nature and helping others reconnect with Earth…which if you listen very closely next time you go out in nature….you can literally feel the love from your heart!

The heart will also play a big role in this transition we are entering as we will all eventually move into the heart and LIVE in that space. FEAR and ILLUSION cannot continue anymore, it is so with the great cycles of the Universe. However I know that it will be very difficult for most people on this planet (including myself) to make this transition. Can you imagine if the powerful vibration of UNIVERSAL LOVE permeated your being, it would instantly destroy the physical body and literally burn all the lower vibrations of FEAR and ILLUSION, as these vibrations cannot be taken to a higher frequency. The time is coming my friends, and some people have already integrated these higher vibrations into their body and are ready.

So ultimately this piece of music reflects on beautiful sounds of nature and the LOVE that the Earth shows us everyday.


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