Soul Light

Dear all,

I would like to introduce to you, my latest EP, “Soul Light” 

This EP is for solo guitar and was designed to be used when in meditation and relaxation. When I made this EP, I knew that it must connect deeply with the individual and be a direct experience. So I therefore did something that some may say is risky, and recorded the whole EP…in the moment, in one recording.

Much effort has been made to connect directly with the listener as they tune in and flow with the sounds that are being expressed. When I am playing, I am directly connecting with the sounds that I am expressing through the guitar, and allowing it to flow through my being. This is why it was important for me not to do any editing apart from separating the tracks. It was an amazing experience, and hopefully that connection has come through.

DSC00013The main expressions in this EP are, A, C, E, and G. These tracks express all kinds of sounds and tones, and I look at them as expressing “a sonic journey”. The remaining tracks, B, D, and F are all meant to help build a transition to each of the main expressions, sometimes lamenting the previous expression, other times looking forward and preparing the listener for the next main expression.

This album ultimately expresses life itself, and the journey we are all on….

I say this because, when you connect with something and express it in whichever form you choose, you ultimately express your whole being through the sounds that you make and the story of your life and experience will always be included in that, because that is what makes you who you are.

I hope you enjoy this EP, may it help you connect with the Truth that you hold within.

Peace and Love, Jamie

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