Tomo Bounce

Dear all,

Continuing from my experiments with my brothers music. I sometimes add samples to the collection of material that are not directly related to his music. One sample I added was called “Tomo 3” which you will be able to see in the album art if you look closely. The sample features a wondrous piano player and dear friend of mine Tomo, playing one of his pieces from his recital.

I offered to help him record his recital in a practice room so he could enter the recording into a competition. I have never heard him play in this sort of way before….and I was amazed. He plays with such emotion and clarity, it is really something worth hearing. In fact, I thought i would share it with you so you can understand what I mean.

Here is the recording I made of one the pieces from his recital,

El Albaicín by Albeniz.

When I recorded this I was fascinated by a particular section from this piece. To me it sounded very mysterious and I felt there was something very special about it. So I decided to import this specific part into my experiments with my brothers material.

The sample is played at the beginning and then I continue to manipulate it in many different ways, the most obvious being a beat repeater effect, which gave birth to the title of the piece “Tomo Bounce”. I also manipulate and transform the material in more subtle ways, adding careful use of filters and delays to create a more expansive texture. The drums actaully come from one of my brothers pieces, but the interesting thing is, I mix it together in a certain way that helps expand the mystical qualities of the sample.

I really enjoyed experimenting with this as I was so fascinated by the sound of this sample… just felt so mysterious, dark, expansive, and I felt I needed to explore this.

Thank you so much Tomo for giving me an oppourtunity to hear you play. You encouraged and inspired me to experiment with music, as it was the way you played the music with your own unique expression that led me to create this piece.

Peace and Love, Jamie

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