Homage to Organised Sound

Dear all,

I have been a fan of Organised Sound’s music for a long time now. What I love most about his music, is how the sounds are so incredibly emotive and musical and such a pleasure to listen to.

I have been working on paying Homage to his music, and had the idea of taking different elements from each of his songs and combining them together in interesting ways, to create something new.

I suppose I should mention here that Organised Sound is in fact my own brother, as I am sure you might have already guessed. He kindly allowed me to extract the different elements from his songs and go ahead with this project.

Screen shot 2012-08-06 at 20.12.16As you can see, I took a range of elements, some popular, others just ideas he had in the making. He has such a wealth of songs it was so much fun just listening to them. In order to create the song, I mixed the different elements together and created a totally different arrangement.

So I hope you like this piece. As with anything I make, I try to make it an experience, a journey, and hopefully this has been achieved. If I was to describe it, I would say…..it has some nice jiggly bits in there which are really cool, but there is also some wondrous textures which have so much depth, its incredible.

If you are interested in listening to more of Organised Sound’s music, you can check his SoundCloud. Thank you very much Gavin for letting me use your music, you are a very talented musician and composer. Keep making music and never forget the gifts it brings into your life.

Peace and Love, Jamie

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