The Last of the Steamers

Dear all,

For at least six months now, I have been working together with my close friends Richard and Elliot on creating an audiobook preview for Richard’s novel.

“The Last of the Steamers” is an alternate-history story set in the year 1910, where the world is powered by steam, but is about to change. Progression and expansion will lead to attempted conquest by machinations unlike anything seen before. And only one young man, who doesn’t even realise his involvement, will be able to stop the war and prove his worth to his father, and, more importantly, himself.

What you are listening to is a three chapter preview of Richard’s novel. It was designed to give people a taster of his work so that people can get an idea for the story and its characters. The first three chapters are so, that you get a feel for the different aspects of Toby’s life, as well as giving you an inclination as to what is to come in Toby’s adventures further on in the book.

This was the first time I have ever recorded an audiobook, and it was a wonderful experience. As we progressed in recording each chapter, I was able to realise new ways in editing the audio material and became significantly more efficient when it came to recording the third chapter.

I had a lot of fun working with the music for this audiobook too. It was originally written for the computer game “Arcanum” and it was composed by Ben Houge. I was really impressed with the music as it is quite diverse, and would like to thank you Richard for choosing it. I was able to use sections of the music to convey all types of emotions that were being expressed by the characters. Thank you Ben Houge for composing this music, it is very deep and centered yet can also be quite expansive and flowing.

This has been a really lovely experience for me, as it helped me get to know my friends better. The best bit for me was the actual recording sessions, we had so much fun, laughing and enjoying our time together. I consider myself very lucky for being able to have that experience. Just getting together with my friends and working on something…..was beautiful… thank you Richard and Elliot, I hope we can all work together again!

Peace and Love, Jamie

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