Piano Compositions Vol 1

Dear all,

I am pleased to announce that my latest album, “Piano Compositions  Vol 1” has just been released.

This album is a collection of compositions that I made during my teenage years. These ideas have been in the making for a very long time, but it was only until I got to Guildhall School of Music and Drama, that I decided to make them into an album.

I spent a great deal of time focusing on each individual piece, making sure each track had its own individual style and purpose. Much attention has been focused on the flow of each piece as the album progresses. Many of the tracks start on the same key the previous track ended on. This has been done to help the listener flow from one expression to the next.

Even though the duration of the tracks and album itself is short, I do not think this detracts from the experience. The main purpose of this album, was to make it flow peacefully as you go through a journey while listening to the album. I believe this has been achieved as you can easily listen to the whole album in one sitting.

A little extra note I can give you is, the last track is a culmination of all the keys of the previous tracks, a nice way to round the album off I think.

So that’s what I have to say about “Piano Compositions Vol 1”, I hope you can enjoy the album and give it the time and space it needs to provide you with peace and a feeling of lightness in your heart as you go through your day.

Peace and Love, Jamie

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